With more than 75 years of law experience between them, attorneys Jack Tarver and Stephen Blythe are legal fixtures in Temple, Texas.

Jack Tarver focuses his practice on mediation, business law, probate, real estate, corporate law and civil litigation in such areas as constructions disputes, family law, litigation defense, land partition, and property division. Stephen Blythe focuses his practice on criminal defense, family law, probate and personal injury.

The two-attorney firm of Tarver & Blythe serves clients in Temple, Belton and Killeen in Bell County, Texas, as well as the surrounding counties of Coryell, Milam, Williamson, McLennan and Falls Counties, Texas.

Stephen Blythe, a long time attorney with an easy demeanor, sometimes finds himself representing the grandchildren of former clients in court.

“People feel comfortable with us,” said Stephen Blythe. “We’re willing to listen.

Both attorneys have an excellent reputation in the area, as most clients come to them by word of mouth and by referrals form other attorneys. As a small firm, they get to know their clients a little better and spend more time with them individually than a larger firm would. Both Jack Tarver and Stephen Blythe are willing to work long hours and meet with clients at their convenience, if necessary. They believe in their clients and work hard to protect their interests.